Music For String Quartet, Jazz Trio, Violin and Lee Konitz

SSC1023 1987-01-01

Track List

Moment'S Notice - 5:09
Solis - 5:39
Mani-Pulsations - 10:11
When Slides Are Low - 4:43
Chick Came Around - 4:45
XVIII Brumaire - 12:52


Pierre Blanchard - violin
Lee Konitz - alto sax, soprano sax
Cesarius Alvim - bass
Alain Jean-Marie - piano
Andre Ceccarelli - drums
Herve Cavelier - violin
Herve Derrien - cello
Vincent Pagliarin - violin
Michel Michalakakos - alto violin

The French have had a tradition of great jazz violinists ever since Stephane Grapelli started the dynasty. Blanchard, a very talented instrumentalist, is also a very good writer. The trio headed by Alain Jean-Marie, and the string quartet, provide a majestic setting for Lee Konitz's subtle improvisations.