Encore, Encore, Encore

SSC3027 2005-06-28

Track List

Mack The Knife - 05:35
New York, New York - 07:01
Sweet Sucker - 05:59
Don't Worry 'Bout Me - 06:23
If I Should Lose You - 04:58
Sunrise, Sunset - 08:55
Do What'cha Gotta Do - 05:23
Pistachio - 06:20
It Might As Well Be Spring - 08:51
Dearly Beloved - 06:01
In The Mood - 03:38
In The Mood Bis - 02:35


Rhoda Scott - organ
Lucien Dobat - drums

RHODA SCOTT, whose barefoot pedalboard playing has become something of a legend, often played with drummers, and not the least ones : Kenny Clarke, Mel Lewis, Daniel Humair, or Victor Jones followed one another at her side. In spite of that, she is reluctant to call this association a "duet", for this word sounds restrictive to her, given the polyvalence of both players. This time, Rhoda chose LUCIEN DOBAT as her partner, and though he's not as well known as his predecessors, he does, like them, show deep rhythmical and melodical qualities, as is obvious when one listens to this recording. A former student of the great Kenny Clarke, Dobat is an acomplished and ecclectic musician, equally at ease in jazz, blues and soul music (he played with Clark Terry, T. Bone Walker, Sam & Dave ... among others). The main idea behind this recording is to bring to the forefront tunes that Rhoda often plays live, but that she had never recorded so far. Novelty and tradition are then the two keys to this "Encore, Encore, Encore" where one always feels the stage in the background.


Few instruments are as fascinating to listen to as the Hammond B-3 organ. Sliding from the sweetest buttery swirls to the deepest, darkest tones whose vibrations ominously shake whatever glass might be in the area, the B-3 is like an orchestra unto itself. Born in New Jersey but based in Paris, organist Rhoda Scott is an often overlooked master of the instrument who puts on a wild, ebullient show of her skills on her fiftieth release, Encore, Encore, Encore.
With only drummer Lucien Dobat for support, Scott performs a rousing round of standards with soul and panache...combines the sometimes incompatible elements of ace showmanship and musical sophistication. Scott and Dobat use their considerable chops to create music that is affecting and invigorating.
Stephen Latessa, All About Jazz