Minino Garay Y Los Tambul del Sul

SSC1110 2003-04-22

Track List

Caribe - 5:35
Onomatopee - 4:26
Sombras - 2:31
Chacarera Del Violin - 3:01
La Celosa De Tu Vieja - 4:04
Tema De Maela - 6:37
Speaking Tango - 4:39
Elisa - 3:04
20 Anos De Pasion - 2:19
Mitos - 2:34
Gato De Cosquin - 3:08
Venga - 3:05
Louanges Du Sud - 5:20


Julien Lourau - sax tenor
Gerardo Digiusto - piano
Minino Garay - vocals, percussion
Jean-Christophe Maillard -guitar
Eddy Tomassi - percussion
Louis Winsberg - saz
Pablo Mendez - percussion
Héctor Gómez - percussion
Daniel Mille - accordion
Nicolas Genest - trumpet
Benjamin Henocq - percussion
Maxime Zampieri - drums
Stéphanus Vivens - piano
Jules Issac Bikoko - double bass
Anga Diaz - percussion
Javier Estrella - percussion
Alfonso Pacin - charango, guitar, violin
Eduardo García - bandoneon
Xavier Jouvelet - percussion

Minino Garay, an Argentinean living in Paris, France, has assembled an international cast that includes Cubans, Uruguyans, Danes, Spaniards, Greeks, Italians, and French. The music is definitely Caribbean and South American influenced, the tango and the chacarera are never far away.

This Argentinian production features a large ensemble stressing Bahian-style carnaval percussion and a wide variety of South American instruments and styles. Garay's own vocals are spoken, even growled, but other vocalists contribute other approaches, and many tracks feature spirited male chorus. The thematic cool of most of the tracks operates in fine tension with the thunderous drive of the drums, resulting in a unique and pleasant texture.