Live In Red Hook

SSC1714 2024-01-26

Track List

Idée Fixe - 5:12
Right? Wow! - 4:47
Cadê - 4:55
Closing - 4:15
Miniature for Drums - 2:30
One at a time - 7:24
Eighty-One - 5:48
Deixa - 3:47
Still Untitled - 5:54
Up and Down - 5:02
Scriabingu - 6:06


Jacob Sacks - piano
Gui Duvignau - bass
Nathan Ellman-bell - drums

The true magic in jazz and other improvised music comes from pairing the right musicians with the right musical circumstances, the variables tending to be the right material to work from and a conducive performance space. On his new recording, Live In Red Hook, bassist/composer Gui Duvignau took advantage of an ideal performance space in Brooklyn and the brilliance of two outstanding musicians that he knew would provide a performance worthy of posterity.

Duvignau was born in France and lived in Morocco as an infant. His family moved to Minas Gerais, where he spent his youth, and then São Paulo, Brazil, where he spent his teenage years. His studies led him from Paris to Portugal and, finally, to New York City, where he has been based the past six years. The lands that he has lived in and the musical cultures and influences of each have informed his musical landscape. Duvignau’s last two recordings on Sunnyside Records are ripe with tributes to his mentors and heroes, including music and/or performances by Ron Carter, Bill Frisell, Billy Drewes, and Baden Powell.

Like most musicians in New York, Duvignau is invested in the world of sessions, or the casual gathering of musicians to test new material, work on group interplay, and get to know each other musically and otherwise. New York’s vast jazz and improvisation music scenes allow for a healthy session scene which provides many with the opportunity to meet new collaborators and develop new bands and music. It also allows musicians of varied experience to mingle together and develop a rapport that might be beneficial further into their career.

It was through sessions that Duvignau met his trio partners on Live In Red Hook, pianist Jacob Sacks and drummer Nathan Ellman-bell. Both musicians are highly respected creative forces, just the right type of collaborators for an impromptu recording.

It was at the end of a concert residency at Brooklyn’s Coffey Street Studio that Duvignau decided to convene the trio. He had a feeling that this amalgamation would work as they had already developed a trio dynamic that had energized Duvignau immediately after meeting.

Rather than having a session to go over material, Duvignau provided a book of compositions that he trusted Sacks and Ellman-bell to familiarize themselves with in hopes that the performance would be fresh and inspired as they all discovered the music together. So, it was on the evenings of October 18 and 19, 2022 that the trio performed for an audience at the Coffey Street Studio.