SSC1700 2023-08-11

Track List

Ash - 7:07
Dust to Dust - 10:13
Earth - 7:57
Brahms - 7:26
Glimmer - 5:26
Moon - 7:40
Cold World Lullaby - 7:25


Mat Maneri - viola
Lucian Ban - piano
John Hebert - bass
Randy Peterson - drums

There are moments that are forever imprinted in one’s mind. Feelings and impressions from scenes past from decades before can be recalled instantaneously with the appropriate trigger. These memories shape lives and attitudes, whether recalled impeccably or distorted by time.

Thus, following the elusiveness of Dust (Sunnyside, 2021) comes the permanence of Ash. Violist/composer/improviser Mat Maneri presents the second volume in his series of quartet music, this installment, Ash, focusing on the residue of memories burned into the mind.

Maneri’s Dust recording cemented the sound of his quartet, an ensemble built around impressionistic interpretations of Maneri’s singular compositions with an incredible cast of brilliant improvisers and friends. Drummer Randy Peterson and bassist John Hébert have been regular musical partners for decades and pianist Lucian Ban has become an essential colleague over the past dozen years.

After the first recording, Maneri began to consider making a series of recordings, settling on the idea of a trilogy. This second installment, Ash, focuses on the metaphysical aspects of a physical byproduct, as did Dust. Maneri likens the burned in memories of his childhood and teenage years to the ash that a fire leaves behind. Elements of these memories are usually distinct and permanent, but sometimes they are faded or hazy.

The quartet coalesced to record five originals by Maneri and two pieces by Ban at the Clubhouse recording studio in Rhinebeck, New York in October 2021. In addition to the music, poet and collaborator Denver Buston provides imaginative, picturesque descriptions of the music.