SSC4711 2023-02-24

Track List

Alegría - 7:37
Esperanza - 10:25
Behique - 4:07
Meli Ton Ton Be - 7:22
Unión - 4:53
Yubá La Marilé - 5:27
Popurrí de Bomba - 9:15
Nuevas Vibras - 6:01


Fernando Garcia Band - Band

The focus of the Fernando García Band is to fuse the Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba with jazz. The band includes the barril into its performances, essential for percussion in any Bomba ensemble. Bomba tradition is rich in songs and melodies that are mainly call-and-response. The ensemble also incorporates the intricate odd meters and harmonic, improvisational aspects of modern jazz.