Poet / Shuts / Clock

SSC1680 2023-02-10

Track List

Goodness of the Human Heart - 6:07
Comfy Klee - 8:28
Peacefully - 5:22
Moo - 5:24
Rotondo - 4:29
Look At Him - 5:42
L'amore - 3:06


Fraser Campbell - tenor saxophone, keyboards, production
Roberto Cassani - bass, vocals

There is much to be said for being in the right place at the right time. Circumstances caused by the pandemic found many people locked down in places they hadn’t anticipated. Though there were likely many who were discouraged by this, there were just as many who found purpose and took advantage of their surroundings and the collaborators waiting there. Such is the story of Roberto Cassani and Fraser A. Campbell’s poet / shuts / clock, a recording made possible by their will to find creative connection in a time of forced separation.