SSC1653 2022-05-20

Track List

Sequence for You - 10:24
The Magician - 5:40
Together - 5:07
Oriented Conga - 5:36
Beatrice - 6:18
En la orilla del mundo - 5:35
Not for Everybody - 4:25
Donna Lee - 4:24


Carlos Averhoff Jr. - tenor saxophone
Jim Gasior - piano
Nestor Del Prado - bass
Reinier Guerra - drums
Chucho Valdes - piano
Nicky Orta - bass
Juan Munguia - trumpet - fluegelhorn
Juan "Wickly" Nogueras - conga
Nestor Torres - flute
German Velazco - alto saxophone
Orlando "Maraca" Valle - flute
Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez - drums
Maggie Marquez - voice
Federico Britos - violin
Ahmed Barroso - guitar
Richie Zellon - guitar
Cesar Lopez - alto saxophone
Carlos Averhoff Sr. - soprano saxophone

Losing a parent can remind the bereaved of the moments lost and the chapters that remained unfinished in their relationships. Saxophonist and composer Carlos Averhoff, Jr. knows these feelings all too well. When his father, legendary Cuban saxophonist Carlos Averhoff, passed away, the younger Averhoff had just begun an album that would represent their first collaborative work. Though his father left too soon to complete it, Averhoff, Jr.’s album Together serves as a perfect tribute to his father’s career and their mutual respect for each other.