SSC1632 2022-05-27

Track List

Before the Wind - 4:34
The Radiance - 6:23
It’S All That Matters - 6:11
Valley In the Deep Sea - 3:33
Lone Winds Blow - 8:45
Countdown - 6:38
Body and Soul - 7:16
Everything I Love - 7:01
Yet Again At Will - 8:15
All Or Nothing At All - 9:23


Megumi Yonezawa - piano
Mike McGuirk - bass
Mark Ferber - drums

One of the powers that music holds is the ability to sway emotions and atmospheres. Hearing music can make a listener remember a special moment, feel a certain way, or have a sensory experience beyond the aural. For pianist Megumi Yonezawa, the atmosphere in a room changes as soon as a musical note has been struck. Yonezawa wants to utilize her command of the musical language to provide listeners with the sense of immersion in the best moments of a day. Her new recording, Resonance, is a collection of original compositions and creatively arranged standards that will transport those who indulge into pleasant mindsets.