SSC1651 2022-03-11

Track List

Wherever You Go - 5:46
When Lights Are Low - 5:59
Those Where the Days - 5:27
I Didn't Know About You - 6:55
I Should Care - 4:04
Isfahan - 5:42
Things Ain't What the Used to Be - 3:47
There You Are - 6:06


Bill Easley - saxophone, piccolo
Kyle Koehler - Hammond B-3
Mark Wells - piano
John Hanks - drums
Beverly Botsford - percussion
Robert Bradford - guitar
Bill Newton - harmonica

A sixty-year career as a successful professional musician requires flexibility and perseverance. Woodwind master Bill Easley has been able to achieve this feat by being a fantastic musician and putting himself into promising musical situations. He believes the key to his success has been his attraction to diversity in both music and life. On his new recording, Diversitonic, Easley aims to make a personal statement utilizing musical influences that have impacted his life and career.