Phantoms of Memory

SSC1642 2021-10-15

Track List

Stained Glass Memory - 2:26
Wish for Rapture - 4:34
The Spinning Door - 4:25
Simple Redux - 5:07
Dancing in an Empty Room - 2:18
Typhon's Memory - 4:28
It's Just Anger - 0:43
Waltz for Future Spectres - 3:43
Hallowed Grounds - 2:28


Nick Sanders - piano

Recollections can become hazy over time. The brain finds ways to retell stories, evolving them as they are reshown in the mind’s eye. Pianist and composer Nick Sanders looks back at his own past frequently to inform his musical progress. Though known primarily as a jazz pianist, Sanders began his musical study and career as a classical performer. // When he looks back, Sanders fondly remembers times when classical music was his primary musical focus, though these memories are now seen through a prism of his progress through jazz and improvisatory music. On his new recording, Phantoms of Memory, Sanders prepared a collection of original compositions to be performed on solo piano. The mainly notated compositions hark back to his classical past while propelling his compositional craft further.