Say It Quiet

SSC1633 2021-08-13

Track List

Bahia - 4:49
If It's Magic - 3:25
Barakaat - 4:19
Magnolia Triangle - 4:20
Eleanor - 3:55
Motherless Child - 5:51
Let's Burn Down the Cornfield - 5:18
Better Angels - 5:03
Dogwood - 5:03
Portage La Prairie - 4:36


John Ellis - tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto flute
Adam Levy - guitar
Glenn Patscha - piano, organ, keyboard
Chris Morrissey - bass
Dan Reiser - drums
Stefan Bauer - vibraphone
Erin Donovan - vibraphone

Decades of friendship and the crossing of paths in the music industry does not necessarily guarantee opportunities for intimate, meaningful collaboration. Professional musicians know that the balance between making a living and pursuing dream projects usually tilts toward whatever keeps a roof over one’s head. But every so often, the chance to get a project together that is musically and emotionally rewarding comes about. Such opportunities must be grabbed. // The collaborative recording, Say It Quiet, by longtime friends John Ellis, Adam Levy, and Glenn Patscha is the result of taking advantage of such an opportunity. These three brilliant, busy musicians take the time to put together a gorgeously crafted collection of songs chosen to showcase their sympathetic personalities and musical approaches.