The Hue of Silence

SSC1617 2021-05-21

Track List

Egyptian Violet - 2:41
Alizarin Crimson - 2:07
Ancient Gold - 3:25
Payne's Grey - 2:45
Cobalt Blue - 4:25
Fluorescent Pink - 2:57
Malachite Green - 2:30
Mars Black - 2:18
Warm Rose - 2:11
Carbon Black - 2:52
Indigo - 2:23
Iridescent Pearl - 3:27
Cadmium Orange - 3:00
Quinacridone Red - 5:33


Dov Manski - piano, keyboard, wurlitzer
Erin Parsch - paintings

MARCH 2020 saw much of the world shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. At first there was this foreboding sense of emptiness. Time slowed down. Our home, New York City, which is usually filled with energy and deafening noise, was silent. Every day seemed to be the same โ€” empty. Grieving the loss of routine, we thought all we could do was wait. // In this stillness, we began to notice vivid swaths of color everywhere and sounds previously unheard. Each color seemed to have a unique sound โ€” and meaning โ€” attached to it. To preserve and share the experience, we chose a hue of color every day and created a painting and music composition to capture the mood and essence of the color and its relevance to the moment in time. The result is the 14 songs and paintings on this album. We hope as you listen to the music and view the art, you will find our work calming in these times of uncertainty and return to it often as we navigate the aftermath of the pandemic and reflect on its impact on our lives.