In Concert

SCC1534 2020-01-17

Track List

Lucky To Be Me - 4:04
Ladies In Mercedes - 6:12
Cafe - 9:15
The Glide - 5:03
In Your Own Sweet Way - 8:48
Round Midnight / Midnight Sun - 11:14
Coffee Time - 8:42
Celeste - 5:41


Norma Winstone - vocals
John Taylor - piano

The incredible relationship between legendary British musicians Norma Winstone and John Taylor has been admired for nearly five decades. The vocalist and pianist have been inextricably linked from their early avant-garde work from the late 1960s through their gorgeous work with Kenny Wheeler and Azimuth.// The couple was also well documented in duo performance; their affinity for each other and their unique abilities are easily comprehended. Winstone and Taylor’s In Concert is a remastered reissue of Enodoc Records’ 1999 cassette tape release of a fascinating 1988 duo concert. Four years after the pianist’s passing, this recording will remind listeners of the wonderful interplay and feel between Taylor and Winstone.// The performance presented on In Concert documents a quickly assembled concert that coincided with the culmination of Winstone and Taylor’s teaching residency at the Guildhall Music School in London in August 1988. Though they didn’t have time to put together an ensemble or theme, the two were able to provide the listeners, including many of their students, with a wonderfully diverse and masterful performance.