Kristin Slipp

Brooklyn-based vocalist, improviser and composer Kristin Slipp has a deep understanding and appreciation for the human voice and its limitless capacity to convey, emote, and transport. A Maine native, Slipp has performed all around North America and Europe, often with the "avant-pop" band for which she sings, composes, and plays glockenspiel and keyboards, Cuddle Magic. Slipp's appreciation of word and sound extends fittingly into Twins of El Dorado, an ensemble where she and trumpeter Joe Moffett compose first poems, and then compositions, for one another while incorporating improvisational ideas and textures. As a lover of song, Slipp interprets the jazz standard repertoire with pianist Dov Manski, the two of whom are pleased to announce the release of their debut album, A Thousand Julys, on Sunnyside Records.

As a sought-after collaborator, Kristin has been privileged to share stages and studios with a diverse mix of musicians including Fred Frith, Ran Blake, Dagmar Krause, Zeena Parkins, Carla Kihlstedt, Anthony Coleman, Chris Cutler, Allan Chase, Anais Mitchell, and Phyllis Chen.

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